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The aesthetic touches that shape the metal are important in the construction and building sector. In this way, artistic structures emerge. However, another important issue is the materials used in construction and construction. As the variety of materials increases, more modern and comfortable structures emerge. Mesh is one of the important elements used in the construction industry and is an important material for the industry.

What Are Its Highlights?

It is known as Mesh Expanded which is used as building material in construction sector. This product is obtained by cutting and expanding. It has an important use in the construction sector. In terms of having a decorative structure, it is a product used in many architectural and industrial fields.

Other important features of Mesh Standart are:

- The size of the product can be extended to the extent allowed by the selected eye gap and rib.

- Mesh Standard Aluminum, Dkp, Rust, can be produced from materials such as copper.

- Various eye range options are available.