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Ensured safety

İs an elegant balustrade system, which guarantees optimum levels of safety. It has been tested in renowned test centres according to the most stringent European standards.

This system is available in three styles: Functional, Ellipse or Softline — this way your balustrade matches your style perfectly. Besides the traditional set-up of a balustrade, Gc 50 also provides a very aesthetical way of incorporating panels, like multilayered glass, plexiglas or acrylic sheets allowing a multitude of design variants.

Unrestricted safety

High rise buildings without balconies are a worldwide seen architectural trend. Simultaneously safety cannot been jeopardized by transparency and design.

Glass balustrade for larger window areas in high rise buildings. Even without balconies, you can safely open your windows and enjoy an unobstructed view.

İs allowed for glass spans between 0,6 and 2m (with 1,2 glass height).